Welcome to Anniston, Alabama

Letter from the Mayor

Anniston, Alabama, The Model City, is a planned community in the truest sense of the word.  Our city is entering a period of renewed hope, vision and opportunity that will lead in bringing our citizens together for a collective purpose and a quality of life that can be the model for many years to come.

Our goal is to create a theme for the people and developed by the people of Anniston.  Our focus is to utilize a citywide, citizen-based, strategic planning process to renew a collective thought in the expenditure, investment and commitments of the city’s financial resources.

This planning processing will be focused on identifying needed, realistic, competitive and visionary goals for the future, ones that will benefit our citizens, our visitors, our developments and our legacies – those who will continue to build upon the framework of the model we call Anniston.

Over the last few years, the City of Anniston has worked to identify needs.  Plans have been well conceived and thought out.  Among other things, plans have addressed:

  • Neighborhood preservation and development
  • Expanded recreation opportunities
  • Opportunities for jobs in the industrial trade and research economy
  • Service-sector job opportunities
  • A marketing approach and environment for commercial and retail opportunities
  • Improvement of our city streets, highway system and public transportation

These plans have touched all parts of our city, from Coldwater Mountain and West Anniston through historic downtown Anniston to McClellan and North Anniston.

From the Golden Springs Corridor to our airport and along our Quintard Avenue Commercial Center, all points continue to connect.

From our shopping centers to our Senior and Community Centers, from our plentiful recreational areas and parks, the points continue to connect.

Surrounded by the beautiful natural resources of the Cheaha and Coldwater mountain chains, the Longleaf Preserve and Talladega National Forest, this area is a mecca of beauty.

All this and more provides our city with many social, cultural and economic opportunities.  People Planning for Progress and Prosperity (P4) is the motivation for the leaders, public servants and volunteers of the Model City.

Anniston Mayor
Vaughn Stewart